Offered Services

At the HELCZA testing facility it is possible to carry out thermal resistance tests

and check the cooling capabilities of various components; do material research

and conduct studies of phenomena under high heat flux conditions. Thus, the HELCZA facility is not limited to fusion applications. It can also provide services to other areas such as aerospace industry. In addition, as the HELCZA technological complex consists of several interconnected laboratories designed for working with hazardous materials, there is the potential in using this complex for various applications

in the areas of health, safety, and environmental protection.

Possibilities of use

The heat flux generated by the electron beam

can be used, for example, in the following areas

of research and development:

  • to test the thermal resistance of specific components,
  • to study the ability of the component under test to dissipate heat,
  • to study physical processes and phenomena when exposed to high heat fluxes,
  • for research and development of innovative functional materials.

Laboratories for handling hazardous materials, which may release carcinogenic dust particles (e.g. beryllium) during handling or testing,

can be used, in collaboration with other CVŘ laboratories, for example for:

  • development of methodologies, procedures and their validation,
  • training of personnel to work in hazardous environments,
  • decontamination operations,
  • determining characteristics of materials and substances under investigation,
  • determining quantity and size of dust particles,
  • non-destructive testing of materials under investigation,
  • safe handling of hazardous substances.